“A thoroughly engaging script from top to bottom.” —The Black List

In 2024, the Democratic candidate for President won by a single electoral vote. The Republican candidate refused to concede and declared a new U.S. capital in Texas. Three years later, the states have chosen sides and the United States is in a cold war called the Schism. 

Jessica Miller, a fourth grade teacher, lives with her husband Mark and mother Beverly in suburban Texas. Between her job, which she loves, and taking care of Beverly, who has dementia, Jessica has no bandwidth for politics. She’s just keeping up as best she can. And if that’s not enough, now she has evidence that Mark, an FBI agent, is having an affair. 

Except Mark isn’t having an affair. He’s been caught secretly working with a group of Texas- and Washington-based FBI agents to mend the Schism — which Jessica learns when she sees her husband’s face in the news arrested as an Antifa terrorist. And now the government is after her. 

With her mother, a devoted Republican in her clear moments, in tow, Jessica flees for her life. Their destination: New Mexico. Once they escape their gated community, danger lurks everywhere, first in the home of doctor dedicated to helping people in need and then in the hands of a fanatical band of Oath Keepers who see their mission as protecting the border from invaders.

When the Oath Keepers discover that Jessica is the convicted terrorist Mark Miller’s wife, Jessica has to figure out a way to survive and tap into a side of herself she didn’t even know existed.

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